windows XP retro gaming part 3: finally, success


After last post, I decided on replacing the SSD with a Sata driver of 1 TB. Long-story short, this wasn't enough because I was still trying to install Windows XP via USB - so I spent 20 bucks on a DVD Writer that connected to my actual-modern computer via USB, burned a Very Legitemate copy of Windows XP from archive.org, and finally used it to install Windows XP.

Fujitsu installing Windows XP

After burning another CD with Fujitsu Windows XP drivers (that fortunately are all available on their website), my Windows XP gaming machine is finally ready! And it can connect to the internet via wi-fi! But, my only browser is Internet Explorer 6.0, and it can't connect to most websites with the exception of google homepage.

Google homepage on Internet Explorer 6.0

Having a better browser would be really handy to solve some problems installing retro games on it, so using Google (the only website available), I searched for a Firefox binary on archive.org, and after a little bit of trial and error, I managed to open the archive.org page for an older Firefox binary (basically, I had to remove the "Secure" from the HTTPS to make the webpage visible enough on Internet Explorer 6.0).

Downloading Firefox

And now I finally had a machine that could browse internet (a bit) and install retro games! Some lessons learned:

Now, finally, I could play a bit with my Windows XP. Since the laptop's webcam was working, the first thing I did was to check The Sims 1! Why, you ask?

The high quality photo of myself from the Webcam

This is me!

A screenshot of my character in The Sims creator

This is me in The Sims Creator!

A screenshot of my character in The Sims

This is me in the game!

It's the ugliest Sim I've made but it did made me laugh quite a lot (the left Sim is my wife that was obviously Simified from a terrible Webcam photo too).

The other game I installed was Diablo 2, that runned flawlessly out-of-the-box, no patches needed.

Diablo screenshot

I never finished Diablo 2 before, so this is also a game I'm expecting a lot.

I already burned some .isos of CD Games magazines me and my wife had in Brazil when we were kids - lot's of those CD's are from a now-dead publisher called Digerati, and had a lot of game demos and Flash game nonsense from that era. I also want to try my hands at making a game in Game Maker 5.0, the first Game Maker version I've used and the software that made me realize that making games was a lot of fun. Maybe this is worthy of another post, something like "making games like it's the 2000's", but I think I'll try finishing Diablo 2 first with my vanilla "lots of skeletons" necro build.