spring lisp game jam - devlog 6


Too long since my last devlog, and Lisp Game Jam already went by! The game I made was this one: Life Predictor. It's not 100% stable (I have a segfault happening sometimes lol, lmao even), but it's a nifty simple Game of Life puzzle.

End result: I managed to finish the game on time, and I have a very clear image of the "feature-complete" engine in my head - but the engine itself is far from finished. The current game was made with Raylib (in C) and S7 Scheme for all gameplay scripts, and a very simple wrapper on some Raylib functions. What I managed to validate:

Now that I validated the basics of my idea of the perfect Game Jam Engine, this are the features that I have in mind:

I'm pretty much sure this will take a lot of time to be done, but my plan is to keep using the engine on other game jams, and keep on iterating on it.

Last but not least, thanks for Gil Barbosa to help me out discussing the techstack with me and contributing in the project!