making my own website weirder


Following the promise of my previous post, I changed my website structure, both "behind-the-scenes" and the frontend.

I replaced my Jekyll setup to Zola, a static website generator made in Rust. The main two reasons for this change was the fact that Jekyll has a boring setup (I don't use Ruby for anything else, so it's just extra clutter in my computer), and I couldn't really understand how Jekyll worked - I just followed a recipe to create more blog posts, but I never really felt confortable changing my website to my needs.

Zola, on the other hand, is just a small executable to test locally and build the website (so the setup is much easier), and I can actually understand what is going on much better. This search for a better experience writing content for the website is me scratching the itch to write more, and this is an itch that started to appear more since I've started making mastonews.com. Little by little contributing to making the internet weirder.